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Flying is an amazing privilege and life-changing experience. Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard discovered flying at 45 years young and it changed his life! To be able to fly above the beautiful Finger Lakes and launch off for exciting destinations on your own schedule is almost an unbelievable experience. At East Hill we teach these skills and provide aircraft to our members "at cost." We are a not-for-profit and have been teaching flying in Ithaca for 58 years. We offer eight beautiful planes and six instructors and teach seven days a week to accommodate your schedule. You will find the latest technology (like iPads with ForeFlight navigation) and all scheduling is available on-line. Try a Discovery Flight today! We are an FAA-Approved Part 141 Flight School: the best training (at cost too).

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Learn To Fly at East Hill

FREE Discover Flying Seminar at East Hill;
Sunday, Jan 22nd 9-11

What Does it Take to Get Started Flying? [Steps] [Quick Info]

Arguably the best way to get started in aviation is to first schedule and fly a Discovery Flight. It is difficult to evaluate the flight training experience as a dispassionate external "consumer." You really have to get in the plane and give it a try (with an experienced flight instructor on board to guide you) so you know what you are getting into. This is your opportunity to see and fly the planes as well as meet the staff and other flight students. Ask all of your questions; 99.9% of people love the experience and can't wait to get started learning to fly!

After your Discovery Flight, we need you to join our organization to continue. This provides you with a million dollars of insurance (solo or dual) and you become part-owner of our eight aircraft. The additional benefits are so diverse it is hard to describe (or "sell" to be truthful!) You become part of this amazing family of fliers. You can hop in a plane with a member and go to lunch while you are in your training and learn a lot from the experience (you are not in the "hot seat" and will be able to observe and absorb the aviation experience.) Pilot mentors help you throughout your training and share tips about how to organize and progress (we all learned just like YOU at one time!) Learning to fly involves more than just you and your aircraft, it is how to flourish fully and safely in this new exciting world. The club also provides a facility with a simulator, five computers on line and iPads fully equipped for navigation. This is where we learn but also meet and socialize. Some of this is aviation specific, but some isjust plain fun get-togethers...join our wonderful aviation family. See our page on how to get started for more specific information.

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If You Are a Pilot Already...More Training (For fun or a career?)

Continue your aviation training with and instrument rating...more reliable and safer trips to your fun destinations. Maybe try our Mooney and acquire a commercial certificate? We even offer multi-engine training at East Hill with a partnership program with another flight school.

For just "plane fun" try our tail wheel aircraft. Whatever aviation experience you are interested in, we have you covered at East Hill!

Advanced Training

  1. Tail Wheel

    Hone your "stick and rudder" skills to be a better pilot and have fun; grass field operations!

  2. Instrument

    Learn precision flying in the clouds and gain confidence and more utility from your pilot certificate

  3. Commercial

    Gain more skill and the ability to charge for your services as a pilot!

  4. Flight Instructor

    Be a teacher of flight (get paid!)

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